Message from ED

The Organization SoDESH started its activities from 1995 at Satkhira district to promote the vulnerable people, empower the women educate and establish them economically. To ensure the human rights, democracy, children and mother primary health care (Specially women of the poor households) and prevention of child and woman trafficking. SODESH believes in non-directive, bottom up, participatory and integrated development frameworks and acts as catalyst with its beneficiaries.  

SoDESH is registered with Department of Social Service and Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau. The organization has a strong Management committee. At present SoDESH is implementing different development activities through financial and technical support of National and International donors. SoDESH is a gender sensitive organization. SoDESH believe that no nation can develop without participation of women in development activities. So the organization is working on various sectors for sustainable development through alternative programs with involvement of women. SoDESH also provide training in group meeting on gender issues and provide legal assistance free of cost.

SODESH is committed to develop the socio-economic condition of disadvantaged people in the society and has been contributing it’s all out endeavor to set the ideological goals of integration of women as an active agent of development and participants on equal terms with men in development process and in the society in general by removing poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and prejudices. At present, the organization has been implementing its development projects/programs in Satkhira districts with assistances of donors. SoDESH has been implementing its development Projects/ Programs with the participation of Local People. All the development activities of the organization implement in participatory process. SoDESH has working experience with partnership.

SoDESH is involved with others networks/organizations (details see in Point B-11). The organization has skilled and trained human resources to implement program activities in the field level.

SoDESH adopts decentralized participatory management system in program implementation. The General body, the supreme authority of the organization consists of 21 members. A 7 member’s Executive committee is elected biennially out of General body for policy making and program execution. All the policies of executive committee are implemented by the modest staff headed by the Secretary, who is responsible for overall program implementation and management. 

At top, mid and field level, the activities of SoDESH are managed by development workers with long year’s professional experiences. Its programs are implemented through participation of all levels of workers within the frame work of Action-plan. Each level of management is encouraged to accept council and advice of the authority concerned to embrace creative solution. They are also encouraged for team sprit and to motivate them to know much. SODESH provides its workers liberty to take initiative, stimulating participation and continuous search for up-gradation in terms of quality and quantity.